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Owning a fireplace comes with responsibility. One of the responsibilities is a chimney cleaning. Living in an area with a mild winter usually means that you don’t use your fireplace as often. This doesn’t mean your fireplace doesn’t need to be cleaned, just not as often. You should be equipped with the knowledge needed in order to understand when it’s time for a cleaning.

It may sound easy enough to try and take on this task yourself, but leaving it to the professionals is really the best option. They have the proper knowledge and equipment to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. Here are some signs that you can be on the lookout for, which indicate your fireplace may need a repair or your chimney may need to be cleaned.

If you can’t start a fire or keep it burning, this may be due to an issue within the chimney shaft. There could be a problem which is obstructing the proper flow of air inside the chimney. Having good airflow is a must in order to keep a fire burning. If too much air is flowing, this can cause the fire to extinguish, while too little air will not allow the fire to burn in a correct manner. If maintaining a fire is an issue you are having, contact a professional chimney-cleaner to stop by for an inspection.

When burning a fire, you should smell a pleasant odor as the wood is heated and burned, but not anything of a foul nature. If you do experience this, there could be a problem in the chimney’s shaft due to the updraft system. It may not be working properly. If you smell a strong odor, this could be from a poor updraft. This would be indication of odorless gases within your home. These gases could even be harmful. Carbon monoxide alone can cause respiratory issues and even death.

You should check for creosote or grease inside your chimney every so often. To do so, reach inside the fireplace and simply touch the wall. Check to see if you have found creosote or greasy black soot on the walls. This is a natural development that builds up over several months. Although it’s natural, it’s dangerous. Creosote can burn which can lead to a chimney fire and burn through the walls of the fireplace into your home. It should also be noted that creosote contains dangerous chemicals. This is not safe for you to breath. If you notice creosote or black soot, you’ll need to have this removed as soon as possible.

If there is a blockage within the chimney area, you’ll notice smoke pooling into your home. This could be due to a number of things as simple as tree branches or leaves falling inside and creating the blockage. Even grease buildup on the interior walls can cause other items to collect onto the grease and created a blockage in that manner.

You’re damper is one of the most important parts of how your fireplace functions. This is what regulates how the air flows through the fireplace and chimney. If you find that you’re not able to open the damper easily, you’ll need to have it repaired or replaced as soon as you can. This will help you to avoid other future problems.

If you hear noises from within your chimney, you may have some unwanted guests. This could be a fluttering or even scurrying that you hear. Squirrels and raccoons can access your chimney from the roof. Birds also enter in the same manner and have been known to create nests within chimneys. Their nests create a blockage from the straw and grass they use. This type of blockage has been known to burn down homes.

Should I worry with the stress of a chimney cleaning?
Have you ever wondered what would happen if a clogged chimney was left untreated?

You could think of it like a water hose. If the clog is left untreated, there is no exit for harmful gases and death can even be a result.

Gases exit through the chimney, but if the chimney is clogged due to lack of cleaning, the gases won’t be able to exit. This means that the gases will instead build up into the room and could cause major damage.

It’s mandatory that a chimney sweep is performed routinely. If you have a vent that is clogged, even partially, this can trigger an uncontrolled fire. And, we all know what the consequence are for an uncontrolled house fire. This is why it’s so important and necessary to have a professional perform routine maintenance on your fireplace and chimney. This includes regular inspections and cleaning. The answer to the questions is simple. “Yes.” You do need to have your chimney cleaned, but it doesn’t have to be a worry or stressful when you leave it up to the professionals

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We have the experience and knowledge needed to provide you with the best working fireplace you desire. Our staff is educated on ever part of the chimney, inside and out. They are able to offer the best tips and solutions for you in order to maintain your chimney and keep it in top notch performance. By treating your chimney with the best service, this allows you to delay the need of other services. Our crew has years of experience and proper training which provides you with the best.

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