Which is the best cleaning method to use?

There are both wet and dry cleaning methods that are very good to use. Keep in mind that when we say dry cleaning there is some water involved in the process. Basically we will spray our product onto the carpet and then use padding to remove it. Carpet Cleaning Your Local Area, always makes sure that no residue that can attract dirt and debris is ever left behind either.

Carpet Cleaning Your Local Area, personally likes to be able to clean carpets with the use of steam. This involves a cleaner being placed on the carpet and then hot water is used to rinse all of it out. The temperature of the water is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit so it is a very powerful method of cleaning. For rinsing the water can be up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. We like to use it because it cleans carpets very well. It is also a method that will be accepted under the terms of most carpet warranties.

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